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Does the climate change extremely? Part 2

  Does the climate change extremely? Part 2 Was Al Gore an alarmist? Are there no more extreme climate events than there used to be? As I wrote in the previous post, a close family member said "[He] does not deny that there is a climate, or that it changes".  I looked at the claims made about the global climate made by a Dutch political party and we discussed the first one they made. Loosely speaking, they say the climate is always changing and it's now a bit hotter and it used to be a bit colder and it was a bit hotter before that. We looked at the global temperature record and found that it definitely does change and that the story they tell focuses on the Northern Hemisphere. The global temperature has gone up - despite the current active trend - and it is accelerating rapidly. In this post we look at their second claim, that " extreme climate events do not happen more frequently or cause more damage than historic events of a similar nature ". Is there no in