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“I do not deny there is a climate, or that it changes”

  “I do not deny there is a climate, or that it changes” This was said to me by a close family member. I called it a "standard opening line" for climate denialism. At the same time, I do not want to dismiss my family member completely. So I wanted to discuss in a medium where I can take my time to investigate different arguments in-depth to see what they entail. This also allows me to provide source material. I'm actively drawing from claims made on the Climate page of a political party in the Netherlands. The first claim is, paraphrased, "The climate has changed in the past, therefore, change is nothing to worry about". In this post, I will take these claims at face value. Therefore, I will look into the periods, the changes involved, and their causes. In a second post, which I hope to write after this, I will review a second claim made by the page. This claim boils down to, "extreme climate events do not happen more frequently or cause more damage than h