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Covid19 data guide: Is R for naught?

Introduction Tesla re-opens its California plant and the US starts to lift measures across the country. The Netherlands slowly eases out of its ‘intelligent lockdown’. But does the data agree that this is the right time? In this blog, I will try to show common statistics and explain how to look at them. I will refer to "the coronavirus" as COVID19.

A small disclaimer; I'm not actually a health professional, virologist, or epidemics expert. I'm a former junior physicist and have been a data engineer for years. I will supply my sources at the end. Please follow the advice of your local disease control agencies and government.

I have composed a small report in Google Datastudio with data from Google Public Datasets –specifically the dataset JHU Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases, by country - Johns Hopkins University – to accompany the images in this blog.

Cumulative cases and Active cases First, let's look at confirmed cases and active confirmed cases. Active case…