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Don't Fail Greta

Don't Fail Greta  Greta's speech to the UN has put a lot of public attention on the climate change crisis. It's trending on social media. Climate change deniers everywhere are making childish insults addressed at this wonderful young woman or they are otherwise deflecting.
Let's not fail her.
One common response I have heard over the years, one way of deflecting the issue is that a person can't affect it. That idea is wrong. We can affect it. The most straightforward way of affecting this - and one that many of the same people didn't do - is that we live in a democracy. Vote for policies that will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.
Over the past period, I've taken a look at how to reduce my own footprint. I would like to share the information with you. What can you do? But beyond voting, what can you do? How can you reduce your own impact? Can we reduce our own impact by at least 50%?
Well, to take a look at that the very first thing we should ask ours…