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Commentary to the International Monsanto Tribunal verdict

Introduction Daimonie (Facebook)  blogs about science and scepticism. This seems to be how anti-GMO advocates think it works. In October 2016, I wrote a post just before the  International Monsanto Tribunal . Since then, I also started on my series regarding GMOs in general. But back in October 2016, I concluded: As expected, the entire Fake Tribunal is a theatre. This is not a scientific conference, nor a court of law. It is quite literally a gathering of people that use pseudo-science to promote "natural" and "organic" alternatives to conventional and contemporary agriculture. Their most important part is in no way their data, their science, or the interests they represent; rather, it is their ability to form incomprehensive gish gallop combined with fear-mongering. By doing so, they cast doubt on the credibility of science and technology. Worse, they negatively influence public opinion on contemporary agricultural technology that has the potential t