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Let's talk about GMOs, part two: What are we using them for?

Introduction In my first post , I discussed what DNA is and how it relates to phenotypical (outward) change through the central dogma of molecular biology. In the second post I discussed the techniques of genetic engineering, including the novel and prodigal technique called Crispr/Cas9. We will now look at the current uses of the technology. I  do notwant to include research purposes in this overview, but in the next post because they are very relevant. We'll start with the most important current application, and move down from there towards areas that are not fully developed yet. Medicine I think this is our most important current application. We've already covered Insulin when discussing the technique , but there are others. The general name they use for this application is biologics made by recombinant DNA technology. A more common name is bio-pharmaceutical, also known as biologic(al) medical product. In principle, bio-pharmaceutical refers to any pharmaceuti