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Let's talk about GMOs, part one: What techniques are used?

Introduction In my previous blog post , I discussed what DNA is and how it relates to phenotypical change through to central dogma of molecular biology. In this post, we will discuss techniques currently in use. The techniques I want to discuss are not only those that have been used in genetic engineering, such as those used commercially to engineer the Bt. crops. I also want to discuss those that are currently in use, particularly Crispr. The latter is a very recent technique that has revolutionised the way genetic engineering works.The goal is not to give an extensive review of techniques, but rather to give readers some insight into common techniques. Producing Insulin Synthetic biology doesn't make nice stories. The amount of different tools (enzymes) used and their abbreviated names obfuscate the essence of any story.I want to discuss a few specific tools. Let's first discuss the bacterium; E. coli. This bacterium can be found in the lower intestine of m