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On the GMO Phase-out in Boulder County

Introduction Right: Image I made to accompany this article. Note that there is a concise summary in it. I was alerted to a news article from Boulder County, titled " Elise Jones and Deb Gardner: GMO phase-out is faithful to Boulder County values . The two names are the authors. Elise Jones is an " important environmental advocate " and has opposed GMOs  on open spaces since 2003. Deb Gardner, from what I can find, is more limited but does note environment on her website . From this, I would suggest that Elise Jones has a preconceived opinion and Deb Gardner is liable to join in. My initial prediction about the contents of this article were immediately confirmed. While attempting to pose as reasonable commissioners, a number of anti-GM points are reiterated that do not represent the science, while "natural" products are held up as the shining example of good practise, quickly showing their true colors by speaking of both these and "organic&quo